It seems silly to start a running blog when I can’t actually run. But I think my obsession with running has only grown since I haven’t been able to run for the last 6 weeks. Maybe it’s fear of losing the drive, or maybe it’s my way of still being able to call myself “a runner.” Maybe it’s just good ol’ FOMO. Who knows? But the thing is, running has consumed about 90% of my thoughts since I haven’t been able to run a single step. So I thought: blogging, what a great way to channel my pent up energy, while also sparing all my real life friends from my relentless running blabber!

A brief background on what brought me here to all of you non-existent readers: In short, a reckless bike commuter. He crashed into me while barreling through an intersection (he, of course, had a red light) and he banged up my foot pretty badly. My super qualified, very friendly (lol) and intelligent ER doctor said it was soft tissue damage that would take about 2 weeks to heal. Well, he was close (no, he wasn’t). It’s been 6 weeks and I’ve been diagnosed (by what I hope to be a better doctor) with tendonitis. And while I’ve improved drastically, especially in the last few days, I’m still far from where I was just a few short months ago in terms of physical ability and fitness.

So here I am. Just another runner who can’t run and decided to write about running instead. This should be fun!

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