The thing I miss most about running, well aside from absolutely everything, is the flexibility that comes with it. No matter what your day has in store for you, you can pretty much always figure out a time to squeeze a few miles in. Because one of the best parts about running is the fact that you can do it anytime, anywhere— from home, from work, in the morning, afternoon or evening. Doesn’t matter, and that’s amazing.

Since I’ve been hurt I’ve been restricted to gym schedules. If I want to go to Body Pump, I better clear my schedule Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays at very specific times of day. And if I miss one class I have to wait several days to try again, and in the meantime, resort to something mind numbingly dull, like the elliptical or stationary bike. Given how unusual my schedule has been this month with work, it’s been a real pain. I certainly never thought I’d miss early morning runs, but man, I miss them a whole lot right now. So for those of you who are tempted to hit snooze every morning when that alarm clock goes off for that run of yours, embrace it. It’s so much better than not doing it at all.

Now for a few random things:

I love the first few days after grocery shopping when you have all the fresh and amazing produce to eat for every meal. P.S. What’s the trick to telling when a peach is ready to eat? This one had the same texture as an apple. It was super disappointing.


These are a few of my favorite girls.


And a couple of my favorite boys. (I love how blurry Riley’s tail is, he’s a very happy pup.)


Also a desperate plea for help: Does anyone know how make blisters heal super fast? That one on the bottom of my toe is getting quite uncomfortable.


  1. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine September 16, 2015 / 3:54 pm

    I definitely know what you mean about needing another schedule for non-running activities! When I was injured last spring I was swimming and it was so annoying to plan that into my day! Its definitely easier to find time to run and not have to drive anywhere.


  2. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian September 16, 2015 / 10:54 pm

    I can’t stand blisters on the feet either! I had two bad ones last week from an excessive amount of walking and the only thing I could do was cover them up with bandaids. I used some Neosporin, but I’m not sure how much that helped!


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