I can’t really remember what got me going down this path yesterday, but I started heavily researching adult running camps. And of course, given my obsessive personality, I became very fixated on the idea. They really sound like the perfect vacation for me (once I’m fully healed, of course). They also sound like the perfect Christmas present…hint, hint, Mom.

In my research, I developed the most interest in these three:

Eric Orton’s The Cool Impossible Running Camps: This particular camp is only a couple of days long (versus 5 or so days that some of them are.) It takes place in Jackson Hole, WY— a place that makes me a little nostalgic, because my parents and I spent a day or so there when I was a teenager and I remember really loving it. The schedule includes a 2-3 hour morning run and an afternoon coaching session. Then it sounds as if the rest of the day is pretty open, until everyone gets back together for dinner. Just given the little bit that I’ve read, I think the September option sounds a bit more appealing, just because I’ve been dabbling with the idea of trying an ultra marathon next year.

Jeff Galloway’s Retreat: He has a few location options for his retreats, but the place that appeals to me the most is Lake Tahoe, CA. Mostly because I’ve never been and it looks gorgeous. The camp has a week and a weekend option. It also includes an hour long run every morning, on a variety of terrain. Then from 9-noon there are seminars every day, covering different running topics. Once again the afternoons are free here, before the gang gets back together for dinner.

I really like both of these options, but my biggest concern (aside from finances) is the altitude for both camps. My body has a pretty rough go of it in altitude, and it generally takes me several days to acclimate. Which would definitely be a problem for Orton’s camp, since it’s only a couple of days long, and it would just be a pain for Galloway’s. That’s why I’m also entertaining the idea of this third option.

ZapFitness Running Camp: This camp is located in rural North Carolina, and it’s sponsored by Reebok. They also have elite camp, that elite marathoner, Tina Muir, has talked about on her blog. They also have a couple of different options in terms of duration, and like Galloway’s they also offer seminars and guest speakers—one even includes the Marathon Man himself, Bill Rodgers! Overall, the schedule here seems similar to Galloway’s, with a morning run, seminars, and group dinner. The only downside here is the commute is a bit of a pain with the closest airport being about 2 hours away, which also makes car rental necessary. And while the altitude here might be more on my level, I doubt it will be as pretty as the other options, so I’m finding myself slightly less passionate about this one.

All in all there’s a lot to think about, which is ok because none of these take place until summer/fall of next year. Have you guys ever done a running camp? Would you? Or have you heard of any others that are supposed to be amazing?

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  1. Marna Rehage September 23, 2015 / 2:35 pm

    Hmmmm 🙂


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