So my foot has felt pretty good the last several days, maybe even the past week. While some days definitely feel better than others, I’m about 75% sure I could return to running (albeit very slowly) if I wanted to. But honestly—I’m really terrified. I just don’t want to push it too hard too soon and do any more damage. I’m pretty sure that the soreness I feel now on occasion has less to do with the original injury and more to do with how I’ve been walking on it for the last 11 weeks or so, but I still feel very wary. The good news is that S and I are going to a pressure point therapist on Thursday, who has RAVE reviews and I’m just sort of placing all my eggs in that basket and hoping he can cure me for forever. Only time will tell on that one I guess. Has this ever happened to any of you guys though? Coming back from an injury, being extra scared to start running again? Or am I just a coward?

Anyway, here are a few things from this weekend:

The whole weekend was incredibly gorgeous, weather-wise. It felt just like the beginning of fall should. We had the windows and porch door open all weekend. It was glorious. The city we live in is ok looking too.


When you’re icing and the dog gets thirsty.


We found this tennis ball on a walk about a week ago. So far he doesn’t get the whole concept of fetch, but he really enjoys chewing on it and showing it off to anyone who will look at it.


Lap dogging it and not caring one bit.


Maybe I  should make this blog about Riley instead? I seem to post more pictures of him than anything else. I promise once I get back to running that will change though.

One thought on “THE FEAR IS REAL

  1. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine September 28, 2015 / 11:19 pm

    It can be really scary to get back into running after an injury. I think the key is to strengthen first and then progress very, very slowly. But you will get there! And hopefully the pressure point therapist will help too.


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