Guys. I did. I mean, both times were for trains, but I did it! The first time was on my morning commute, and I admit I still felt a bit awkward and stiff, but the second time, on my way home, I SPRINTED down those stairs with very little caution. I didn’t even really think about it until halfway down and I felt pret-ty great about that. I think next week is my week! (Notice how I’m still putting it off because I’m a scaredy cat?)

In the meantime I’ll continue to rely on BodyPump to keep me going. I also feel like I’m coming down with a head cold (one has been doing the rounds at the office) so I might take some extra rest days this week too.

In other news, I got this hoodie in the mail yesterday and I really love it. It does run super large, so if you get it, size down by at least one size. But check this hood out. It’s frighteningly cozy, I don’t even mind that kind of resemble that scary guy from Star Wars.


Also it’s fall which means pumpkin flavored everything. I’m not sure if Sam Adams had Pumpkin Batch beer last year, but I just discovered it and it’s my new favorite. I also appreciate the excellent play on words.


Lastly, I better start running again soon because I’ve gotten back into the Oreo binge. They’re just so amazing. I even had a dream about the S’Mores ones last night (they’re impossible to find, so it makes sense they’re only in my dreams).



  1. has2run September 29, 2015 / 7:01 pm

    I love hoodies, that one is a little intimidating, lol. I don’t drink beer but I do eat Oreos. Most of the time I dream about buffets, seriously.


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