So, mostly due to my emotional instability last week I didn’t really tell you guys much else about my visit to the pressure point dude. While I told you some interesting things, I wanted to give you guys some more insight on what my next few weeks are going to look like. First, as I told you I’m wearing this brace for the next 4-6 weeks (I died a little inside when I found out it’d be that long)


I also think it looks like a home arrest mechanism, which makes me feel pret-ty badass. But instead of alerting the police of my whereabouts, this gorgeous piece of eye candy is designed to help re-train my muscles to work the way they’re supposed to in my left leg. After the injury, my body basically responded to the pain and designed a new “normal” way to walk which minimized the pain and strain on my muscles. Of course now that the pain is gone I’m walking inefficiently and poorly, and my muscles need to learn how to function properly again. As a little bonus, before I put this on every morning I have to sit down and squeeze my fibula and tibula into place. To do this I start at my knee, and grip my kneecap where those bones connect and pulse 3x. Then I move down my leg and do it on my calf, and lastly on my ankle. After I do this, I check for pain in my calf, and if it’s still there I repeat this until it’s gone. Then I put the brace on. While the exercise itself is so simple it actually feels like it does nothing, it does minimize the tenderness in my left calf so I feel like it has to work to a certain extent.

Additionally, I discovered that my hip and ankle are both grossly weak and my hip is actually out of alignment. The therapist did what he could to help my hip and pelvis during the session, but I also have to do a series of exercises to help with that every day as well. Same with my ankle. Both of them are just tiny pulses with very controlled movement and a lot of repetitions, but they’re surprisingly time consuming and a little difficult (which I suppose is the point).

I’m seeing him again on Thursday to see how I’ve progressed in a week. I’m feeling a lot better so hopefully that shows during the appointment. Either way I’ll keep you guys posted.

The lesson I’ve learned through this whole thing? If you’re not getting the answers you want from the first or second doctor you see. Find a third, or a fourth, or however many it takes to get answers. It’s worth it.

Anyway, this whole post is been a little boring so look at this adorable puppy that I ran into on Friday.


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