Guys (4-5 readers who checked in on me while I was gone), I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for the last week. I was under the extremely false impression that I’d want to blog still while I was on vacation and that just ended up being not the case.  BUT, I have some really pretty pictures for you to make up for it. Enjoy.

This is the view off of my parents’ back porch. Needless to say I spent many mornings and evenings sitting out there this past week.


Another one of my favorite views ever. This is taken from Trail Ridge Road, the Estes Park side.


I was really brave and agreed to go on a motorcycle ride with S. I only tried to tear open his sides with my fingernails once. Then I finally relaxed a little.


We saw some pretty good views on the ride, too.


Now for the really exciting thing…WE WENT ON A HIKE. 7.7 miles, and guess what guys? My foot felt GREAT. These moon shoes (aka serious hiking boots) probably had a lot to do with it.


It was a pretty spectacular day. We had a short route planned, but since my foot was feeling so good we extended it. We ended up at Mill’s Lake—rumored to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. I think I’d agree.


We also took a little day trip to Grand Lake with my mom and had a fabulous time admiring the scenery.


Our view for lunch.


Finally, the sunrise the morning of our last day. I cried again, like I always do when I leave the mountains.


So if you read my post right before I left for vacation you’re probably wondering, DID SHE RUN? And in Colorado I did not. More because I was scared to push it than anything else. After the hike my foot felt pretty good, but I was still being a worry wart about it. My doctor said that was more than normal and to wait until I returned to Boston to give it a go. So…on Saturday, I finally mustered up the courage and I DID.


It felt really awkward, but overall pretty good. My foot felt like it was swinging out a lot, and my doctor said that had a lot to do with my ankle being weak. He gave me some more exercises to do to build up that strength, but he also said if I just keep at it, the ankle with strengthen a lot on its own.

TWO MILES  YOU GUYS, TWO MILES! And I was dying. Wow, I should’ve found a way to keep up with cardio more than I did. My lungs were on FIRE after those two miles, but I guess that is to be expected. I took 12 whole weeks off from running. Needless to say I have a lot of work to do before Boston training starts.


Anyway that’s all for me. Hopefully this ridiculously long post makes up for me ghosting you all of last week!

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