You guys. It’s actually happening! I think. I definitely don’t want to jinx anything, but yesterday I ran again and it went really well. And even though it was only my second time out on the road, I already felt much more confident, and picked up the pace considerably from Saturday. My first mile was a sub 8! Then I of course realized how crazy I was and slowed it down considerably after that…plus my lungs were on fire. Nothing like a classic case of “fly and die” to jolt you back to reality.


I also am equally sad and relieved that I missed the hottest time of the year. I sort of love fall/winter running.


So after running, I talked to my doctor and tried to draw up a recovery schedule. So for the next several weeks I’ll only be running every other day, and I will try to build my mileage up to about 5 miles every time. If that’s feeling good, I can entertain the idea of running every day, but he instructed me to drop my miles back again when I do that.

All of this of course makes sense, but now that I’m so close to a recovery my patience is wavering. You know when you really have to pee and somehow, as you get closer to the bathroom, you have to pee even more? That’s how I feel about running right now. I have always wanted to run, but for a while there I had come to to terms with not being able to for a while. But now that it’s closer and the end is somewhat, maybe near, I have to pee/run even more!

Anyway, I will definitely keep you guys posted on my status and hopefully I won’t pee my pants/have any more setbacks.

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