It’s not surprising that after 12 weeks off, I’m ready to get back into the running game and hit it hard. Mentally, I’m ready to push my limits and train harder than ever before. But my body isn’t quite there yet. Last night I had another 5 miles in the books, and it felt like every step was a struggle. It didn’t help that my foot was feeling a little temperamental after some jumping lunges the night before, but just in general my body was not having it.


I have to continually remind myself that I’ve only been running again for three weeks and that I should be more focused on recovering properly than hitting the paces I hit when I was in the best shape of my life. But it isn’t easy. Along with the rollercoaster that is running: “OMG this was the best run ever, I should try to go pro!” to “This was the absolute worst I’ve ever felt, I should look into new hobbies” I’m in a constant state of paranoia. IS THAT A GOOD PAIN OR A BAD PAIN? SHOULD MY FOOT FEEL THIS WAY? WAIT. IS MY RIGHT FOOT HURTING NOW? WHAT IF I CAN NEVER RUN MORE THAN 5 MILES EVER AGAIN?

Coming back from an injury is really hard, mentally and physically. You never really know when to trust your body, or your mind for that matter. The best you can do is always proceed with caution and do what you can to keep a positive attitude ( I don’t excel at either of those things). If you have any tips on how to come back from an injury, please send them my way.

In the meantime, look how cute Riley is in his new, “comfy cone’ of shame. He’ll hopefully be able to go cone-free starting tomorrow and I think we’re all ready for it. He’s been like our own little Tasmanian devil with it on.



  1. Jenny November 4, 2015 / 7:58 pm

    Also coming back from an injury. Sometimes my foot starts to hurt again and I freak out. Sometimes it hurts when I walk but is fine when I run (???) Also my hip hurts, probably because I had to limp everywhere for eight weeks. It definitely is a rollercoaster! You’re doing better than me- I’m only up to three miles.


  2. Marna Rehage November 4, 2015 / 9:29 pm

    Love that puppy face!


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