Second week of marathon training is done! While I completed most of my goals, I have to say my legs felt like garbage this week. I guess I had forgotten the aches and pains that accompany marathon training, because man-oh-man, was I sore and it definitely shows in my paces.

Monday: Easy run, in pace only. While it was a glorious 50 degrees out Monday morning, the sidewalks were absolutely treacherous. I was in shorts and a t-shirt, which made it feel super great when I fell not once, but twice. 5 miles, 9:40 pace, and one bruised bum.

Tuesday: 4 mile tempo run. I was smart this time and brought it inside to the treadmill. As you may remember I set a goal for a 7:45 pace and I ended up pretty close. 1 mile w/u, 4 miles at 7:47 pace, and 1 mile c/d. Total of 6 miles and an 8:13 average pace.

Wednesday: Good grief did I wake up SORE. I postponed my run until the evening and even then it was a struggle. 6.07 miles at 8:37 average pace.

Thursday: Nope, not feeling any better. So I made sure to keep it super slow and take Riley with me for the first 3 miles. He was thrilled. 6 miles at 9:30 average pace.


Friday: I moved my long run up a day because I decided to attend a career workshop over the weekend and I knew there was no way I was getting my long run in (or any run as it turns out) on Saturday. It was a rough start but ended up feeling ok by the end. 10 miles at a 8:39 average pace.

Saturday: Rest. I had an alarm set for 6am but there was no chance that was happening.

Sunday: Not the rest day I was shooting for, but an easy 5 miles at a 8:46 average pace.

Total miles: 38.09

Notice a trend? My comfortable pace is laying between 8:35s and 8:45s right now. I’m hoping to take a good 20 seconds off that in the coming months.

Some other weirdly exciting news, I retired a pair of shoes today! It always makes me feel crazy accomplished when I hit my mileage on a pair of shoes. Granted, I set the mileage far lower on my Nike LunarGlides (around 350) just because they seem to break down much faster than other brands. So, soon I will be in the market for a new pair (God forbid I only have TWO pairs of running shoes). But the reviews on the new LunarGlides aren’t stellar, so I’m thinking about moving over to the New Balance Vazee Prisms.

So in short for last weeks goals, this is where I stand:

  • Yes, I got my tempo run done. Only 2 seconds per mile slower than I was hoping for.
  • No, I did not run with my phone every day. But I didn’t see the bald eagle anyway, just a lot of geese and their poo.
  • No, I did not get Sunday as my rest day.
  • No, not all my runs happened in the morning. But I only failed to get out of bed once (twice if you count Saturday, but let’s not) so I’m going to say I’m proud of myself.
  • YES, I DID drink less wine and coffee and more water. This is so surprising, but I actually felt much better as a result.
  • YES, I ate pretty healthy (by my standards). I realize fried rice might not fall in that category for anyone else, but it had a TON of vegetables in it so it’s fine. I also got broccoli on my pizza Thursday, so I should be looking like Shalane Flanagan any day now.


Anyway, moving on to this week’s goals:

  • Weekly mileage should hit 40 this week
  • 5 x 400s on the track—hoping to do these outside. I’m not telling you my goal pace because I’m chicken and I honestly have NO idea how this workout will go
  • Hoping to get at least 2 runs below an 8:30 average pace
  • Water, all the water, all the days (she types as she sips on her second cup of coffee)
  • Introduce a fueling mechanism to this week’s long run. It’s only 12 miles, but I really need to get into the habit early. I’m notoriously bad about training with GU or any fuel really and it undoubtedly affects my performance. I NEED to be better this training cycle.
  • Stretch/foam roll/torture myself every. single. day. this week. (This is definitely going to be the hardest for me).


Happy Monday, friends!





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