I know I’ve only been training for two-ish weeks, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how different I feel (mentally and physically) when I’m training for a race. I have a feeling we’re all like this, but I just wanted to lay out some of side effects I experience in the midst of marathon training.


  • The most obvious physical side effect for me is: I. am. ravenous. My appetite increases 100-fold and my hanger becomes a serious issue that needs to be treated as such. Just ask S.
  • I am exhausted around the clock. While this doesn’t sound great to most people, I actually love it since I typically have a lot of issues with sleep. But when I’m running 40-50 miles a week I’m borderline narcoleptic. Just like Rusty, who is actually narcoleptic and also VERY adorable.
  • My body starts changing. My legs definitely become noticeably more muscular/my jeans get a little tighter in the general thigh vicinity and I overall probably trim down 5-10lbs each training cycle (only to put it back on later).


  • Even though I’m physically tired, I’m in a much better place mentally when I’m training. If I start my day out with a run, I feel much more inspired, productive, and motivated throughout the rest of it.
  • I am undoubtedly more confident. It’s hard to not let the success in training carry over to your “real” life. So, when I nail a tough workout, I let that “I am a badass” feeling continue through the rest of my day.
  • I get a little FOMO. This doesn’t happen so much now that I’m in Denver and HAVE NO FRIENDS. But back in Boston, training took up a lot of my time, which meant less time sitting on a couch and drinking wine with my favorite people. It wasn’t always the best feeling.
  • I have a slightly more positive demeanor. Ok guys, I said slightly. It might not be noticeable to you, but it’s noticeable to me!

Overall, I think I’m a much better person while I’m training for a marathon. I think those close to me would have to agree. Even though I tend to fall asleep sitting up, threaten lives while hangry, and go to bed offensively early…I am a more pleasant human.

Now, for a few pictures totally and completely unrelated to running.

S made the the BEST beef stew ever on Monday night. Again, I’m so thankful I’m with a guy who not only likes cooking, but is also so good at it.


Even Riley graveled to have some. Or he just wanted to dance. Either way, this was a hilariously awkward moment on his part. (Picture blurry due to photographer giggling maniacally).


Then he proceeded to act out and dump every single toy he owns on the floor. Next up on the training schedule: teaching him how to put it all back.


Oh my goodness, let’s just hope this is true.


Hopefully by Friday, I’ll be posting from my Italian chateau while I’m rolling around in my gold like Scrooge McDuck. Dream big, guys.



  1. Lisa @ Lisa 3D January 18, 2017 / 8:52 am

    Riley is adorable! Also, got to love that fortune – fingers crossed it comes true!


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