Hi guys, it’s me again. One more week done, some goals met…some wayyy off. Here’s where we’re at for week three:

Monday: 7 miles on the treadmill, 8:22 average pace. The first four miles went flying by but man, finishing it up was rough. I got crazy dizzy and had to take a brief break before hopping back on for the last three. Does this kind of dizziness happen to anyone else?

Tuesday: 7 miles on the treadmill, 5 miles at tempo pace (7:36 average). I was so happy with this run, and completely shocked. I had one mile w/u and then a quick 5 miles that felt great, and one mile c/d. 7:48 average for all 7 miles!

Wednesday: 6.12 miles OUTSIDE, IN 55 DEGREE WEATHER with an average of 8:39s. Running in a tank top and shorts in January felt pret-ty awesome.

Thursday: 5.15 miles OUTSIDE, IN 55 DEGREE WEATHER with an average of 8:27s. Running in a tank top and shorts in January TWO DAYS IN A ROW felt even better!

Friday: 5.15 miles again, 8:40 average and back in tights and long sleeves…BOOO.

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 11 miles, 8:45 average and felt AWFUL. Lesson learned: I need at least 2 hours between a heavy meal and a long run. My stomach was simply not having it.

Weekly total: 41.4 miles!

Not a bad week in terms of running, but let’s talk about the goals that I set and failed to meet.

MET: Weekly mileage should hit 40 this week. Boom. 41.4 miles. Good job, me.

DIDN’T MEET: 5 x 400s on the track—hoping to do these outside. Not taking the blame for this one. We got hit with some nasty weather and the track wasn’t clear on Tuesday. Did a tempo instead because math is hard and I didn’t have faith in my ability to keep track (PUN INTENDED) of everything on the treadmill.

MET: Hoping to get at least 2 runs below an 8:30 average pace. Not to brag, but I went above and beyond here with THREE runs below 8:30 average pace. That’s right, we’re counting the 8:27s from Thursday.


DIDN’T MEET: Water, all the water, all the days. I’m just going to assume I can always do better at hydrating.

DIDN’T MEET: Introduce a fueling mechanism to this week’s long run. With my stomach wreaking havoc on my body, there was NO way this was going to happen.

DIDN’T MEET: Stretch/foam roll/torture myself every. single. day. this week. Ok, I said this was going to be ambitious. I just didn’t realize how ambitious. I foam rolled for a grand total of ONE time this week…Monday. Yikes.

Ok, so this week’s goals:

  • Let’s make it to the track for some 800s (weather permitting)
  • Stretch/foam roll/ torture myself AT LEAST THREE TIMES (slightly more realistic?)
  • Shooting for another 3 runs at sub 8:30 pace
  • Going for another 40+ mile week
  • Set more realistic goals

In other news, I finished this book by Amby Burfoot and seriously cannot recommend it enough. I dogeared nearly every page and desperately want to befriend Amby as a running pal/life bestie now. Seriously, pick up a copy today.



That’s it for me, friends. See you on Wednesday!

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