My apologies to those faithful readers out there who checked the blog on Friday to find nothin’ new. It’s not even February yet, and I’ve already broken my New Year resolution to keep a regular blogging schedule. Oh well. I’m here now to give you my training recap for week 4.

Monday: 7.14 miles at an 8:35 pace. Started the week off with a longer run than usual, since I had Monday off work. Given how horribly my long run went the day before, this didn’t feel too bad.

Tuesday: 4×1 mile repeats on the treadmill. Going into this workout, I thought FOR SURE I’d be running sub 7s. LOL. I have no idea where that delusion came from. Turns out mile repeats are way harder than I remembered. Paces were: 7:20, 7:15, 7:10, 7:05. All with a minute break in between. With warm up and cool down it was a total of 6 miles at 7:46 pace. I hope by the end of the training cycle I can get those sub 7 repeats.

Wednesday: This run went way better than I expected when I rolled out of bed. My legs were seriously struggling, but I warmed up pretty quickly and managed 7 miles at 8:35 pace again.

Thursday: Annnd another 7 at a slightly less comfortable pace. I was feeling pretty jazzed up because I had gotten a new pair of shoes in the mail on Wednesday. 7 miles at 8:24 pace. Even managed a sub 8 minute mile there at the end, which I was excited about. That doesn’t happen nearly as often at elevation as it did last year at sea-level.

Friday: Easy peasy run with Riley. Little over 4 miles at 9:57 pace. This was a big deal because his usual distance is around 3 miles. While he was not psyched at all to go for another mile, I’m pretty proud of him! He’ll be climbing 14ers with us in no time!

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 13 miles with S. 8:40 average pace, and an absolutely awful long run. We did two loops, one big (7 miles) and one smaller (6 miles) and we hit home base for a bit between to the two for a pit stop, water, and to shed some layers. The run, which was going fairly well up until then, took a turn for the worst and those last 6 miles were riddled with stomach pain and some serious muscle tightening. Plus, the temperature went from 24 degrees to about 50, so my tights and long sleeves were really NOT appreciated by the end of the run. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get a good long run in next week, because in 2 weeks I RACE and I honestly can’t imagine that going well at this point.

Goals Check-in:

I’d just like to start this portion off by making excuses. Super healthy and admirable, I know. But I just want to remind you all that Sarad’s parents were here all week so healthy habits were not a *thing.*

I did NOT make it to the track for my 800s, but my mile repeats went fairly well, so I’m easing up on myself for that one.

I did NOT stretch/foam roll/torture myself three times. I didn’t even do this twice. That’s no ok.

Only managed 2 runs at a sub 8:30 pace. This was a little disappointing, since my long run was on track for the first 7 miles.

Hit a 44 mile week, which is a pretty big deal because I’ve never climbed this high, this early in training. Normally I’m hitting 45ish miles when I’m running 16+ miles. So, this might also explain why my paces are a little off.

Goals for Next Week:

  • Seriously. STRETCH/FOAM ROLL. While my muscles are noticeably less sore  than they have been (they’re finally adapting to training again), I race in less than 2 weeks and need to be in tip top shape.
  • Cut back my miles. Will likely drop down to below 40 to “taper” for Run to Remember LA
  • Practice healthy habits before and during my long run this week. I really need one to go well, since my confidence is a little shaken and that’s not a good place to be right before a race.
  • Get my speed workout in. This is going to be a very busy work week for me, and I’m worried that my speed session will be the first thing to go.
  • Less wine, more water at night. Even if I only have a glass of wine with dinner, I’ve been noticing lately it’s been impacting my sleep. I haven’t been sleeping through the night, and it’s showing on my face (so pretty), and in my running/attitude. I need to get some more sleep this week, or everyone around me will PAY.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for Wednesday where there will be more pictures and hopefully some exciting news!





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